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    Our Mission:
    As an extension of the Young Korean American Network (yKAN.org), our mission is to carry on the spirit of community and support Korean American professionals by promoting educational programs, family events, parenting information, social support, and networking opportunities tailored to Korean American professionals and their families. Through these activities, yKAN seeks to address the diverse needs of our community and provide a forum for those who wish to share their parenting experiences and challenges as we raise the next generation of Korean Americans. In so doing, we hope to foster social awareness, build community, and open doors of opportunities for current and future generations.

    Our Objectives:
    • To cultivate a supportive network among Korean American families
    • To create a forum for Korean American parents to share their future aspirations, parenting advice and information, personal problems and experiences, and other needs related to parenting, family, and the work-life balance
    • To promote social awareness, family events, cultural and educational programs, information on local events, community service opportunities, political activism, and support for other parents in need
    • To embrace the diversity of Korean American families and cultivate relationships with other racial and ethnic groups
    • To offer information, programs, and events that will foster the personal and social development, educational aspirations, and career goals of current and future generations of Korean Americans

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  • Angie Chung

    Angie Chung is a Sociology professor at the University at Albany, SUNY and a former visiting professor at Yonsei and Korea University.  She received her BA at Yale (1996) and her Ph.D. at UCLA (2001).  Her first book Legacies of Struggle looks at 1.5/ 2nd generation Korean American organizations in Koreatown, Los Angeles.  She is a native of NJ and currently lives with her family in Mahwah, NJ.

    Kathy Kim

    Kathy Kim have been with yKAN since 2011.  She is thrilled to meet many other young Korean American parents to share parenting tips and to provide her son with more learning opportunities about the Korean culture. She has a background in residential retail and wholesale mortgage underwriting.  Kathy holds a BA in Studio Art and Computer Science from Mount Holyoke College and she attained her MBA in Accountancy and Entrepreneurship from CUNY Baruch.  Currently, she works in the Forensic Accounting Certificate Program.