yKAN is a pure volunteer driven organization and depends on the help of committed members.  Here are some of the ways to get involved with yKAN, in order of level of commitment: Executive Board (Planning Committee aka eBoard), Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Sponsor, Donation.

  • Executive Board Planning Committees

    Community Service:

    The Community Service Committee monitors the needs of different communities and devises plans and programs to fulfill those needs. With the cooperation of yKAN’s members, Community Service Committee implements those plans. The Community Service Committee continually monitors other’s needs in order to respond accordingly. (#Community Service)

    Community Service Projects

    • Anna Erika Retirement Home Friendship Visits
    • Milal House Easter Egg Hunt, X-mas Toy Drive, Day Camp Retreat
    • Soup Kitchen


    The Advancement Committee promotes, encourages, and fosters educational activities, programs, and career opportunities to increase Korean-American’s status in the United States. By participating in various political activities the Advancement Committee further establishes and solidifies Korean-American’s standing in mainstream society. (#Advancement#Professional Development)

    Career Forum

    • Coalition of Asian Pacific American Festival
    • Cultural Awareness Programs/Panels/Screenings and other co-sponsored events

    Social Networking:

    The Social and Networking Committee provides an atmosphere conducive to professional networking for yKAN’s members. As a networking organization, yKAN recognizes that there are a variety of arenas that will attract professionals with different areas of interest. The Social & Networking Committee specifically encourages networking in a social atmosphere where members can initiate and maintain contacts with associates in our chosen and related career paths. (#Social, #Networking)

    Social Events

    • Networking Happy Hours
    • Annual Picnic
    • Outdoor Activities: hiking, ski trip, paintball, rock climbing, and rafting
    • Annual Unity Gathering Leadership Retreat
    • Professional Networking


    The Membership Committee’s roles include management and regulation of the members of yKAN. The committee insures that the rights and duties of all members are honored while creating and developing a true “network” among the existing and new members.


    The Fundraising Committee acts as the official body within the organization charged with raising funds for various yKAN activities and events. Utilizing the non-profit status of the organization, the committee solicits financial sponsorship and endowments from corporations, organizations, and individuals in order to advance the causes of yKAN. (#fundraiser)

    PR & Media:

    The PR & Media Committee’s primary role focuses on publishing and distributing yKAN’s monthly publication, yKAN Spirit, which informs members of upcoming events, committee events, and guest speakers. This committee also develops and maintains internet services for its list serve and website, www.ykan.org (#press, #events)

    Parenting Group:

    Learn more about the Parenting Group

  • The Board of Directors consist of past active eBoard members and advisers who provide advice, network and financial support to the organization and to the eBoard. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, contact us at eboard@ykan.org.

  • Those who want to sponsor an entire or part of an event to obtain greater exposure to our members can submit a request to eboard@ykan.org. Below are example of ways to provide sponsorship for an event.

    • entire event - great for corporations especially during the May Asian-American Heritage month (ex: career forum/professional development/networking event)
    • venue
    • refreshments
    • raffle prizes
    • speaker
    • other items needed for events

  • yKAN is 100% funded from donations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization your donations are tax deductible.

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yKAN is 100% funded from donations. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization your donations are tax deductible.